Frequently Asked Questions

BrushFox supplies a variety of brush cutters, mulchers, soil conditioners, grapples and stump grinders that are compatible with compact loaders, tractors, or excavators, making your land clearing and development jobs as easy as possible.

Our industries include land development, agriculture, and forestry 

Yes, absolutely. Once you request a quote, our team will be able to assist and schedule a demo of the agricultural equipment you inquire about.

For land clearing skid attachments you are interested in, request a quote and we will contact you to discuss different avenues, and ultimately find the best option for you.  

 If the item is in stock we will ship that day.  Should the item not be in stock, we will notify you and let you know the estimated delivery date.

BrushFox does not offer  equipment rental. We operate solely as an equipment distributor throughout the United States.

Yes. Our Manufacturers limit their warranty to one (1) year from the original date of sale.

Yes. We provide pre-order discounts on BrushFox brush cutters. 

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